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The best players will make UA and AS will be for the next set of girls. UA is still the best and it hopefully leads to the biggest HS individual achievement; making the Senior UA AA game.
People.can call this past year a disaster but UA still had the best 12-15 2023 girls from the island chosen. no arguing that. maybe the last 8-10 spots were politics.
That said the AS should be a good event but the best players will still be at the FREE UA games

The best players will try out in May for AS. UA tryouts in July will get those that didn’t make it. Plenty enough talent to fill both rosters. AS is scaring UA because it goes off first and you know no girl wants to be left out and if you just go to UA you increase your chances of missing out.

Why would any committed 2022 player pay the $595 to play on AS? I can see the 2023-2025 girls trying out for AS since it's first but was is the gain of playing for AS if you're already committed? Roll the dice and tryout for UA since the goal once committed is to get selected for the Senior UA AA team. Playing AS instead of UA Underclass is a mistake if that is your goal.[/quote]

Not sure who is telling you that AS is where the talent will go but they are lying.
Best players will still play UA. that’s a fact.
clubs involved with AS for the majority of their kids have a better shot and $$$$$. more teams for AS. only command and highlight and clubs don’t bring in the cash