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I wonder if AS will do drills this year? UA has done them in the past but last year they just threw the girls on the field 18 at a time and said PLAY! Just not a fan of the whole format. Especially if you have a defensive side player. They really only look at the ones who score the goals.
Yeah, you get the good kids but this past summer at UA it was kind of laughable. The call back game had so.many.kids. Even kids from B teams whose siblings played for DIv 1- picked only for clout. We have been playing too long to not recognize this. And then the cry for attendees for the call back academy. If your girl is good, there is a school out there for her.

Some great points here. Teams with only a couple true defenders and attackers. Kinda like taking only qb’s and a rb and wr for an all star football game. Need to make some roster requirements. Then again all the ball hog goal scorers will say they are more valuable than a defender that can’t score.