They had 5 - 8 girls that would made it regardless of the politics.... the rest made it well.... it was so blatantly obvious ...you would be fool not to see it. i think UA really exposed the truth ,,,,lots of people woke up including coaches who don't want to associate with the brand ....Nike Select looks like they heard the complaints and looking at their front page promises to "redefine the selection process" ... will see if they can do it.[/quote]

Have you taken the time to look who is involved in running this event? It’s the same club directors who previously ran UA tryouts and picked their own players.. nothing has changed. They created a new event where they get to line their own pockets instead of the money going to Corrigan.
And if you play for one of the clubs whose director is involved.... there won’t be a choice as to which event you go to. forget Under Armour... you will go to American Select