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The best players will make UA and AS will be for the next set of girls. UA is still the best and it hopefully leads to the biggest HS individual achievement; making the Senior UA AA game.
People.can call this past year a disaster but UA still had the best 12-15 2023 girls from the island chosen. no arguing that. maybe the last 8-10 spots were politics.
That said the AS should be a good event but the best players will still be at the FREE UA games

Corrigan Sports/UA had to open the Call Back Academy to anyone who tried out because they were not able to get enough players to participate otherwise. UA is slowly becoming irrelevant because of the role they let club directors, club coaches, and parent coaches play. It is not a fair process, and until you pull the clubs/high schools/parents out of the evaluation process and start to use more outside evaluators like Nike is going to ATTEMPT to do, you are going to continue to suffer. People have woke because of the gross display of bias this past summer at all regional tryouts, not just Baltimore and DC. I hope Nike is more legit for the sakes of the players and their bank accounts.

Nike is attempting to do it at the price of $720. UA is $145 if you make the team. For the life of me I can't figure out what on earth would make anyone willing to pay $575 more for the same product. Both events will have a ton of college coaches attending. Both events give you a uniform. Can't say Nike is a money grab but compared to UA it certainly is.