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[quote=Anonymous]Honest question here. What is wrong with a coach having input into a team they are coaching? Are these independent evalutators gonna pick the best players as determined by the expert parents?

There is no problem with it if the coach is objective. Last year at UA Jesters coach selected 5 of his players and YJ coach selected 15 of hers including 2 from the 2nd YJ team. Legacy had 1 girl and TG had 1 girl there is no way that is objective that's why you need an independent evaluator to select the team based on ability not what club they are from.

That UA was a disaster. you could almost say corrupt...lol UA lost its credibility on that one. Maybe why people are jumping ship

The best players will make UA and AS will be for the next set of girls. UA is still the best and it hopefully leads to the biggest HS individual achievement; making the Senior UA AA game.
People.can call this past year a disaster but UA still had the best 12-15 2023 girls from the island chosen. no arguing that. maybe the last 8-10 spots were politics.
That said the AS should be a good event but the best players will still be at the FREE UA games

Can you say "best" anymore....that's what's wrong with ALL of it. It does not make you the "best" if you are selected....some of the "best" NEVER play in it...enough already with the word "best"!!