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Honest question here. What is wrong with a coach having input into a team they are coaching? Are these independent evalutators gonna pick the best players as determined by the expert parents?

Coaches shouldn't have input at something like UA because they can't be objective. The same way parent coaches can't be objective. These teams should be chosen by who performs well at the tryouts. Nothing else should be considered. It shouldn't matter how strong a coach knows a girl "can be" or has been when she plays for him - it should be SOLELY based on those tryouts. And coaches know their players can perform well , even when they aren't having a good tryout, so they end up making teams like UA when other girls had better tryouts. That has always been my issue with these kinds of selection teams. And honestly - some of the girls that make these teams 100% deserve it - but alot of the time other girls are as deserving and don't ,

If independent evaluators are there and don't know the girls well - the teams would be chosen by tryout performance. You also eliminate any club/HS coaches trying to promote their players in the selection process. It is the best way to do it. I think you will see that alot of the same girls will still make the team - but if you remove the coaches and selectors from what are considered the "top" clubs in an area more girls from other teams will start to make some of these teams.

"Expert parents" won't even have a say in who gets selected. I'm not sure what that evens means.

Just my humble opinion.