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Great post above . Putting 2and2 together here but a ndp 22 mom not happy and also talking about St. Paul’s 25 class. Who could that be? Hmmmm

IDK. If it's her, her 22 daughter had to go down and tryout and made the DC team in 2018 so she hadn't been on the Baltimore team the last 2 years. Point was that 2021 M&D and SW girls committed to MD, PSU, Michigan, JMU, Loyola and several other top schools didn't get called back either. Assuming a 2022 that had been on team 2 years prior should automatically be called back is a big assumption. I will say that for whatever reason the Highlight team had a very small amount of girls in callback game. If I remember correctly it was only 32 which means all but 10 of the girls in callback game made the team.