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This is a joke right? Some salty dads thoughts only. Looking at Baltimore command team. 8 players from Sw 23 blue and not one Sw evaluator/ coach. How did that happen. The 22’s that made it in 19 are trying out against 21’s in 2020. Might have something to do with it and if you sat in on evals you would know that 15 evaluators helped decide team. Not 1 coach could get 1 player from their school/club on a team without being called out by another evaluator. You had evaluators from lots of schools and the big clubs in MD. But keeping thinking that and don’t try out and cry it’s a bad system. Baltimore has done pretty well in these events so they most be getting it close to right. And aren’t there more than 23 top D1 players in the area. If so then quite a few don’t make it and still have a great college career. You my friend are a clown.
It is a salty mom. The dad sits behind her yelling “yeah!” as she types.