I bet for the older girls if you did a NFL draft type drills for lacrosse and then some scrimmages to make the girls feel good for coming out and then just picked roster spots by their drill scores you would be giving the colleges what they want. I think the average college coach just wants to know what pieces of clay are the best. They will mold them into a masterpiece. 10th and 11th grade players should be good enough at catching and throwing as a baseline, maybe scratch some that are awful in the scrimmage. What drills? shuttle drill, catching on the run both hands 4 catches over 40 yds, 40 yd dash, back pedal drill? Shot speed? You could come up with some others to measure. It would show the potential left of players if they don't shine in the scrimmage. Obviously it would be great to do well in drills and scrimmage, but I would bet the college coach would love a super athlete over one that just had one behind the back shot go in during a scrimmage. Just my 2 cents.