2022 team, another year when the entire YJ Blue team is recruited and even a good number of the 22 B team as well to high level academic and lacrosse schools. CR's girls get multiple options. those are the facts. This is the only team in the age group this year sending multiple players to each military academy, multiple to Yale, multiple to Duke and Stonybrook and North Carolina and Maryland. Entire team has already received multiple offers and been recruited because everyone played equally at tourneys and given great recruiting advice. TG usually gets half the roster recruited, you have to feel bad for families that spend their entire time and money summers for years to know they made a mistake staying and drinking the Kool aid. Next year you will see the same thing, just like you did last year, and the year before that and the year before that. how many times do you have to see the same story before you understand that colleges trust the YJ track record. that is why their girls gets recruited at higher rates. The girl from Minn is a nice kid and a good athlete.