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[quote=Anonymous][quote=Anonymous][quote=Anonymous]listening to the lax sports network coverage of the Five Star Showcase All Star game and them praising kids for playing up.....LOL....ironic since the kid they were praising is reclassed and technically playing down in their All-Star game.
That was one of the most ludicrous statements about that particular player I've ever heard. I'm sure Mark send them all the talking points, and the Maryland folks just repeat like its fact. Actually sad

Its comical and sad...the old man acts like a tough guy and than reclasses his kid.
Kids a great player I'm sure. The old mans Ego is off the charts. Can you imagine calling Cottle and saying, hey make sure you mention me and my wife during the broadcast, I attached a picture of me playing 100 years ago. but its all about the kid.[/quo

S did the same thing with his kid. Oh, he's playing up ... blah blah blah. No, he's a holdback. The newspapers all bought into the garbage and the kid sets records as a "freshman" being up to 18 months older than other freshman. And, I have to say the kid is an amazing player and would still be without Daddy's shenanigans. That's the true shame of it.

This board loves to rail at the unathletic parents "who never played a sport in their life" pushing their kids but completely misses the glaring one who played D 2, was too small to be successful, and pushes their kids to make up for their own deficiencies, holding them back because they're small too ...

Actually thought the same but JS did play up. He played 2020 as a 2022 he played up one year What MM did was reclass from 22 to 23 kept playing 22 and saying he was playing up. Having a son who is a 21 and knowing most of kids the LIE 23 team is almost all should be 22's Better get used to it with Covid and college players getting years of eligibility back doesn't make much sense sending kids away at 18 playing against 24 year olds. Oldest son is in college and they are hearing they may be getting this year back eligibility wise