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The BLC team that went to Madlax were the 27's.

FCA 2028 got a few of the Hoco Pink kids, they look pretty good. NL2028 got a chunk of BLC2028 kids, and they look pretty good. Hawks got some Cutters kids, and they look pretty good too. MadLax picked up a couple of BLC2028 kids as well, and they look good too. Sort of stinks that some of these teams aren't hanging on to their core players but I guess that's how it goes.

A bunch of BLC 2027 kids went to MadLax 2027, and then there was also turnover from Madlax to Next Level at the 2023 class as well. Always going to be some churn I suppose, and a couple of guys leave and then some of their teammates follow suit, and on and on.

I understand it but as a parent ideally you'd have your kid stay with the same group of guys from the start all the way through graduation, but that's not realistic.