There's a reason he's no longer allowed to coach UA or Schoolgirls.
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This was not an IAAM or school event. Its the reason all the teams played under other names like "Orange Crush" "Gators" etc. If you know IAAM rules, playing as your school and for the schools coach is a no no out of season. The only people that should be upset about this are maybe some McD JV parents. Maybe TC said they werent allowed to play?

No, schools cannot play as their HS team. However, the email invite specifically said this is a high school tournament and not meant for club teams. Bringing in girls from other schools takes away from the whole point of the event which is to showcase HS teams and their players. I find it hard to believe McD didn't have enough players to field an outdoor team and if so they shouldn't have entered. Will they do the same next summer in the championship tournament NHSLS? I certainly hope not.