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Sorry questionable selection is ridiculous . Unethical , political , embarrassing but questionable gives it a chance at being legit . Simply put there is no way to justify this selection and puts a stain on the reputations of all involved. Let’s also realize her Inside Lax ranking along with her UA senior AA may also have been just as political , not sure those accolades add up with never being named US lax AA especially when her high school coach has obviously a lot of pull .

Another hater trying to diminish a players accomplishments. I have not seen a single post of anyone trying to justify the selection but have noticed some post attacking the player and attempting to tear the player down and belittle her accolades.
Typical jealous parent who hates it when someone other than their daughter is recognized.

This selection was certainly questionable but there is absolutely no reason to make cowardly attacks. I guess there will always be haters who hide behind their keyboard attacking young women and trying to elevate their daughter by tearing down others.

"Typical jealous parent and cowardly attacks" Yes mom and dad, you are right. 21 year old super star college NCAA First Team All-Americans who have proven themselves are jealous of little Sally who has done nothing in high school and not played a college game yet. They are upset because they earned it and were passed on due to your daughters coaches politics. Stop lecturing us and just say thank you to your coach and move on. Politics happen.

Are you that dense? Nobody said that a 21 year old NCAA 1st Team All-American was jealous... Oh, and BTW... it is highly unlikely that the parents of the player in question are on here responding to your nonsense.

I think the point of the post that you are responding to was that "nobody" (except the people who made the decision) agrees with the selection. Some of us just don't see the point of trying to knock the player (because she did not select herself). You have made it personal and continue to attack the player as having "done nothing" in her HS career (which is obviously false). You are obviously bitter and that's okay. Personally, I just don't like reading anonymous, unsubstantiated attacks on players.