Igloo B team (Deep Freeze) and Express Wieczorek, which is the Express B team (stop it with the AA/A/B team garbage).. CoachC is their top team and they are the best LI 2026 in the age bracket as of now. I understand that the top 13-15ish boys are always on the CoachC team. The next 10-12 or so boys rotate.. They can go and sit on the bench/play scrub time for a tournament with the CoachC team and then go and get playing time with Wieczorek team. So the Express kids from 16-30 might swing up and down and/or play with both. The last batch in the pool (players 31-45ish) always are on the Wieczorek team, and probably get less time because of those swing players who come in and out. That's the Express model.... and it works for them as an organization and their team/parents.