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Just my 2 cents as a 2022 parent in recruitment...

The Fall 2020 film for a 2023 recruit will not matter. College coaches won’t care about this film since it’ll be a year old once you enter recruitment. The coaches will go off of summer 2020 Under Armour Underclass attendees, their future camp/clinic attendees once the dead period is lifted and top club rosters to build their initial 2023 lists. And of course watching them play live whenever that will be able to occur again. For the 2022 class they did build these initial lists when they watched them live during the Fall of 2019 but these lists changed significantly by the time Sept came. They don’t ever look back at this old Fall film a year later. And who even knows what the recruit landscape will look like Sept 2021 if the current dead period continues into winter 2021 and if the spring 21 college season is altered. They will grant another year to current College players and even current 21 & 22 commits will be competing for spots and scholarship money. It’s been a very unusual recruiting season for the 22’s and I can’t imagine how it will be like for the 23’s. The biggest determining factor for the 2022 class commits has been the relationship your club recruiting Director or high school coach has with the individual college coaches. And of course where you stand with your club recruiting director or high school coach. Choose your club and high school very carefully.

Don't disagree except for narrowing it down to UA. I think coaches are moving away from the event and moving towards Main Stage and Juniors Open. These events from 2020 had a massive impact for big time recruits in the 2022 class. I think these events in 2021 will be big for 2023.