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This conversation is so dense. If you move out of NY most of the kids are older because school starts in Aug and quite a few of the kids do not start K when they should so they are naturally older. It's been proven time and time again that collage coaches want older kids on campus so again pointless argument.

I get it it's not right that some are able to do it but most 17 year old kids have difficulty adapting to school at that level so if you have the means why not give them the best chance to succeed. You really believe the people doing this and going to those schools are thinking (PLL or BUST) come on people. We get it it's not for you but most of these parents had a plan in mind and it had nothing to do with their kids turning pro in Lax. I know it stings to see the commits form the kids you know are older and think man if my son had a year more he could have been that kid. Well you have the choice spend the money and hold him/her back.

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This is the reason lacrosse will not grow beyond a certain point and can only flourish so much. The rich/poor divide will never allow the sport to rise in popularity to the level of football, basketball and soccer. If holdbacks are the way to succeed and you need money to holdback/post-grad a kid then you are cutting out a ton of the population. There is no reason lax needs to be a country club sport.

Nope. It's the cost of equipment, club teams, tournaments & recruiting events. The soccer club system also excludes poor kids. I agree that lacrosse should be by age until high school. But looky here our boys are in HS and still people blather on about this. If your kid is a top D1 talent he'll get found regardless of age/club/school. If he's on the margins maybe just pick a D3 that fits his academics and he'll get to actually play. Or go to a big football school and play MCLA