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Let's change the topic....Which clubs are going to September Shootout this weekend, and are college recruiters?

All showcases, tourneys and recruitment events are coach/recruiter-free. Everything is done by video. So go buy a camera and start getting film on your kids, or purchase the game film if there is one available. There will be no in-person recruiting until Jan. 1 (at the earliest). Most, if not all, schools are focused on 2022's until they fill their rosters, which will take them into the new year. 23's are on the back burner until the 2021 summer and fall tourneys. What we should be doing at this point is getting film and a highlight reel together. We need to contact coaches of schools that our son's are interested in, relay that interest in their school and program, and inquire about their prospect camps. And, make sure our boys are hitting the gym and the books. That's how recruiting works these days if you're ranked outside the top 50.