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Harvard just committed a 2022 rising junior goalie. The kid has a 2002 birthday which means he should be starting his freshman year in college. Let that sink in for people who think coaches care about birthdays or that there isn’t a huge upside to holding back your kid. Sad but undeniably true: CHEATING WORKS!

Nope. Kid is from Ohio where Sept 1 is school cutoff day for starting school. He should be one of the older 21s. If repeating 9th grade a Culver would land my kid at Harvard and I could pay for all that, yeah I do it and so would you. detest on the kid or his parents for reclassing but don't make stuff up. Whomever posted that M kid turning 18 is also posting false info. He'll be 17 and yes he reclassed. Exaggerating weakens your argument.