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My son reclassed this spring for non covid reasons as applications were due before any lockdowns were in place. I am not against or for reclassifying as kids do it for different reasons. My son for academic/ LD reasons others for athletic. Reality is he was shocked to find out this week there are multiple others in every grade who have reclassed and yes the Canadians are on grade but still as old or older. he is excited that there are 4 PG's on campus and 3-4 reclasses which will make the team better. he said no chance he makes varsity this season which is fine as he'll play much more on JV his freshman season. I was upset initially but he's fine with it so I have to be OK with all the reclasses. He just wants to play so who am I to judge.

Its so great when parents say they are reclassifying for academic reasons. How about drop the lacrosse for homework or tutoring. And Canadians start kindergarten at 5 years old just like the US so if they are the same age or older as your son then they are holdbacks as well. Probably have the same academic problems. How nice of some parents to keep paying to do the same private school grades over and over because of their kids learning disabilities.