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Many of the 2023 kids that made UA are 2022 holdbacks. So lame. But their parents can brag about making UA even though they needed to hold little Johnny back to do it. None of those kids would have made it if they stayed at 2022. Its not fair to the 2023 kids that didn't make it because they are playing on age.

As "bad" as it was before its gonna be real bad now. For the record I don't think its bad and families do their own thing but I can say I have spoke to at least 1/2 a dozen to a dozen lacrosse friends who will be reclassifying their kids due to covid. About 4 just did it and they are going to schools in Conn and Mass and another 1/2 dozen are starting the application process for next year and ALL will be reclassifying. Many others will be taking PG years. Taft on their instagram page is touting 3 new boys who are PGs who have already committed going to Duke, NC and Michigan. This is the new norm and these are boys who are clearly excellent and D1. So for all those who say it ain't fair - just like face masks - its going to be the new normal. Fair or not fair it is what it is and if a boy cant hang with another boy a year or so older then they shouldn't be seeking to playing the game at a high level (UA tryouts). BTW my kid goes to public school so not held back and not TAFT and I really hope my sons team never plays TAFT!