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[quote=Anonymous]It still does happen for Public School kids but there is no doubt it is a harder road. Prep kids are more prepared for college is ever aspect and the coaches know that going into it and if it came down to a public or prep kid they will take the prep kid . Go to any founders league game in May it is loaded with ever Div 1 coach you do not see that anymore with the Public schools

Prep programs are like colleges were in the 80's and early 90's. They have recruiting lists, several coaches, funds for trips, alumni outreach programs, offseason programs, gym times, on and on. Public HS who compete and thrive on national level with grassroots efforts and local community (Darien, Yorktown, Duxbury, Manhasset, GC) deserve medals.

I'm sick of lacrosse media putting public and private into the same bucket to rank and judge them.

By the way, the prep surge is a recent phenomenon. Most of the New England preps were not generating many D1 lacrosse players until surge in the 2000's. The prep league with the PG's definitely cranked up their programs-- they used tons of cash, recruited players, and turned into lax factories (Taft, Culver, Brunswick, St Sebastians, etc.) because, like D1 football and hoops, it boosts alumni giving and creates demand from rich local clients (students).

Its pathetic and backwards that lacrosse recruiting to bigtime college programs is so concentrated in such few HS and club programs. With lacrosse growing in popularity across the country, its amazing how such few programs dominate the top recruiting scene. As if the 18th kid on Taft is better than the entire state of Minnesota or Georgia. Please.