This is complete BS. Those public school kids still have to pass Admissions, still have to have the grades, still have to be NCAA eligible with a pairing of GPA and test scores to make them eligible. Those public school kids work very hard to get where they are going in D1, mostly in non-hot bed areas where they have spent their entire childhoods working on their own and putting in the time on the field and in the classroom. These kids are the very definition of hard work.
Maybe historically East coast prep schools sent the most kids to play D1, but times are changing and athletes are coming from all over the country ready to compete with any kid in college. To say that public school kids are not “prepared” to go to college because their parents can’t afford more than the average US citizens yearly take home pay in tuition is the most privileged statement I have ever heard. And the LAX community wonders why our sport is looked down upon by being a white rich kid sport. Stop perpetuating the idea that you have to be a prep school kid to be a successful athlete in college, that myth is debunked by every student athlete that graduates every year despite their parents income tax bracket and despite their high school.
Nothing is absolute, just like all the kids in prep schools who pay $65k a year that don’t get into a top level D1 programs.