Yes. The 91 goalie made a solid D1 program from their B team... the A team goalies were set before he joined the 91 program.

Yet, he was seen at his HS game ( against another player who was already committed to said school ) where he “stood on his head“ and the Assistant coach of that school was in attendance.

Can a player be recruited to a top school playing for a B team? Absolutely. Is it undoubtedly harder to be seen by college coaches on a B team? Absolutely, and for a multitude of reasons. Coaches can only see a finite number of games when attending tournaments since multiple games are going on at the same time. They want to see players playing against other high level teams bc A.) They get to see multiple recruitable players in a game and B.) If a player stands out, you know that it isn’t bc they are playing against a sub par team.

Bottom line is you have to do what is best for your kid and there is no wrong answer as to where you both decide where you want to play.