It shows the real answer about these club owners who preach about how they are going to get their players in the best lacrosse colleges. It's all a money scam. Any "B" or "C" player can get into that college and play lax. You don't need to be on Igloo/91/Express "A" team. Save your money.[/quote]

Not any B or C player can get a spot at that school. Be fair. It is a good school that gets better every year in lacrosse and academics. All commits for that program for 2021 came from AA teams. 225 attack players will be lucky enough to get a D1 spot for 2021. This is a top 40 lacrosse school. I wish the kid well.[/quote]

Stop being biased, and it's an analogy that any good player can play at that school. There are kids all over the country not on AA clubs who are playing D1. Igloo/91/Express are a money grab.