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I respect your opinion but it is based on history and generalizations. In this instance you need to look at a few individual player

I agree to a point. But 2021 Ambush 91 has potential D1 level players just like every other 91 B team in the past and currently. Not to be general and to be more specific these are the 2021 Ambush commits so far:

Fairleigh Dickerson
RPI (great school D3)
Colorado Mesa
North Greenville

The 2020 and 2019 B teams had many potential D1 players too. Similar results to 2021 Ambush. You can look it up.

My kids attend top academic schools and one is committed to play D1. Before an offer is made the high school coach and club coach gets a call. Are you sure that club coach will not try and get some of his AA kids committed who are not? He could say: "player B is great but I have five better players on my AA team". Also, he has to explain why the kid is on the B team. Unfortunately, the B team player does not get recruited by top academic or D1 schools you would want your son to attend. You have to look at history. Do you really think that 2023 is the first B team to have D1 level plays on the B team? 91, Express and Igloo have had little success placing their B team players at good schools. What ever the reason I will promise you 2023 will not be better. You are better off taking those players and going to another club. Look at Rebels, FLG and Legacy 2021 commits. Their D1 players are committed to D1 and great academic schools. Why can't 91, Express and Igloo do that for their D1 level kids. Get out before it is too late.