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Conservatively there are 5-6 potential D1 players on the 91 Warriors but they are not a typical B team. Too bad they didn’t get a chance to show it this year.

Every year 91 has the best B team and I agree every year those teams have many D1 players. However, when it comes time for recruiting those kids go to low level D2 and low level D3 schools. A couple each year will make a decent academic school. It is rare 91 B team players go D1 or go to a great school. Just look at the history. Every year the parents think their team is the exception. They find out they are wrong when it is too late. 2021 Ambush 91 is very good. Handful of commits all d2 and most schools people never heard of. 2020 and 2019 same thing. Great b teams with D1 players but 91 could not place many at a D1 or decent school. Rebels , Legacy and FLG placing many D1s for 2021. Parents have to look at the end game. Check your ego at the door, Trust me your ego will feel a lot better when you say your kid played for the Rebels or FLG but are playing D1 or at a great academic school.