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FCA 2028 won Summer Exposure. Cutters 2028 went 4-0 to earn the #1 seed but lost in bracket play to HoCo Pink 2028. Hawks 2028 didn't win a game (must have been missing some kids?). But it was a competitive, wide open tournament.
Hawks were missing 3 middies. They were up in most games but just ran out of gas as the games wore on. I think all their games were within 1 or 2. The division was very competitive. Crabs, FCA, Cutters, Hawks, Cavaliers and Hoco were all very comparable. Cutters went 4-0 but lost to crabs 2x the week before, Hawks beat FCA by 4 or 5 a week ago. These teams will make a fun division next year. As much as I would like to see my kid on a team that is head and shoulders above everyone else it doesn't make for interesting games and competition.

I can't imagine Hoco stays with the others, I see a lot of Hoco helmets on Crabs, FCA etc. Highly doubt (just from history) any kids are jumping the other way. Madlax is also in that group but they didn't play that last tourney.