They are taking B team players, not a load, but they are taking them. So it's not right to say they don't take B team players. It's also not right to say don't play for a B team...might as well say give up before the go through puberty, That would be great for the sport! Players develop and many families don't want to deal with the BS mentioned above. You are correct that Ivy and NESCAC don't offer academic money, but there are other nationally ranked (academic and athletic) schools where the stacking works, especially if a specific type of major is available and it may very well rank higher than the Ivys. Plus, there are some Ivy's like the one in upstate NY with a tag line that says 'Any student. Any study.' But that is false, because it is known the coaches let travel coaches know they don't want the kid majoring in 'x' no matter how good the player is...or they admit the player and work hard to get the kid to change his major. In regard to NESCAC, many accredited majors aren't offered and the choice is liberal arts or business. Point is, you've gotta do your homework, know the goal, make it as fun and financially rewarding as possible.