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It's usually not by some 'weird' choice, but since you're labelling...

Being a stud on a B team is usually the fault of all the Parasitic Parents, ParochialBS, Politics, Primadonnas, Prep PG & Pre-K, Payola, Player Propaganda for biased rankings from IL or LILJ Periodicals, and finally, all those parents partaking in coaches pilfering pockets, cause they're too paranoid to let the boys PLAY. 'Cause that would only result in their boys being put in their place. Instead, progenitors choose to put boys on a pedestal and become prognosticators of who is worthy of D1 concluding nobody is capable of playing at such a level unless they are on an A team. So now let's say you take the P's out. That leaves A,B,C,D and Door_Open_And, but many of the A team boys can't make the Door_Open_And grade cause 'lax is life', unless of course the parents bring the P back, paying the parochial professor $600 or a private tutor appointment just to get a B. Meanwhile the B team stud has been studying the whole time with a focus on As and playing the game the way it was meant to be played. He's going to A.) NESCAC, Ivy, or other high end schools B.) knowing there's no future in lacrosse, C.) all while the A team parents pine away with a lax version of PTSD D.) trying to figure out how the weird choice worked. Fact is if you actually used your pea-brain and knew the answer was E.) all of the above, and paid attention you wouldn't be posting such pointless garbage. If you just let the kid go to the library, improvise in the back yard, and do pick-up you'd get a free lesson that paying 30-50k to pad the egos of travel team owners is just not worth it because there are other important things in life.

My boy's wicked smaart. Not a '23, but he's committed D1. Go figure, we made the weird choice. Plus, as of July 15th, NCAA D1 is now allowing equivalency sports the ability to stack merit aid with athletic and need based aid. Who's on the A team now? Pop....hmmm, must be the sound of your head deflating. Good Luck Hunting for what's best for you.

I disagree. The Ivy league, NESCAC and other top academic schools are not taking B team players. Most players are going to those schools come from AA teams. Also, the Ivy league, NESCAC and other top academic schools do not offer academic money. So the stacking of money does not apply to a student who has top grades and a great lacrosse player unless they down grade to a school that is below what they would get in for academics alone. Most kids get into better schools with lacrosse than they would have got in without lacrosse.