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What about Turtles ? I know they had success in the past .

I don't know about the turtles so I will not comment. If you list the tournaments the 2023 team attends I can tell you if those are good recruiting tournaments. The teams I listed in other posts Rebels, Legacy, Igloo, 91, Express all go to top recruiting tournament, have college connections and have had success in recruiting. Just look at the 2021 recruits for those programs. FLG attends weaker tournaments and has weaker teams in general but makes it up with great college connections. However, they do go to enough strong tournaments. S2S I know has connections and will be a great spot to go to too for recruiting. I'm sure they will get into the top tournaments and they have great colleges connections that will help all kids. Like I said I will not comment on the turtles because I do I don't know enough.