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Thank you. But I’m looking for a new club. I’ve received lots of promises from this club. My son may not be as good as the starters but he’s still a strong and fast player just undersized. I’m ok with less playing time but 2 mins is a joke. And every time there’s a new excuse. Now the director has offered to move him to the B team which is fine. But i think it’s better to be on the top or only team of a club. I can’t find which clubs have tryouts posted and I don’t know any other coaches to call

You are correct. Keep off B teams from any club. They are not looked at seriously by colleges. If a coach does call the director about your son the director will be most likely steer the collage coach to an uncommitted kid on the top team, Is a B team worth it? All you have to do is look at 91, Igloo and Express B team commits for 2021. Very few commits and you decide how good the colleges are. Great advice by somebody here who said find a team he will play on. You are looking for the clubs that get in the best tournaments and where he will play. My son is D1 commit to a top academic and lacrosse college and never tried out for any of those big clubs that everyone seems to want to be apart of. So you don't need to be on the top or best club to be seen and recruited but you do have to be on the field at the correct events. The 2021 clubs (top teams only) that have a lot of D1 and D3 commits for great lacrosse and academic schools are in no order: Legacy, 91, Express, Rebels and FLG. S2S does not have a 2021 team but the guys who run that organization have many college connections and will get their kids in top schools when they get to the recruiting ages. All the other clubs on Long Island are far behind the ones just mentioned. Good luck.