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Thank you. But I’m looking for a new club. I’ve received lots of promises from this club. My son may not be as good as the starters but he’s still a strong and fast player just undersized. I’m ok with less playing time but 2 mins is a joke. And every time there’s a new excuse. Now the director has offered to move him to the B team which is fine. But i think it’s better to be on the top or only team of a club. I can’t find which clubs have tryouts posted and I don’t know any other coaches to call

Promises, Promises...May find yourself in the same situation with a new team. Hypothetical; lets say whatever club you land with (A Team), your son get an offer to play for "X" school which is D1. Your kid accepts and settles on a major that he has no interest in, just to play lacrosse. OR, he narrows it down to a couple of schools that offer majors he interested in and may be a D1/D2 school. Hence, he attends (on his own) the prospect camps conducted by either of the schools and receives an offer. Think out side the box. And don't let anyone tell you, you can't.