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You are a liar no one has tested positive from that camp. There are protocols in place with the Nassau County Department of health if there was multiple positives out of that camp you would have notified and so would have I. Anyone that thinks they would let a hot spot of Covid not be handle is a stunad. This would have been all over the news. You should keep your child home if you feel things are unsafe. My kids okay for YJ and I don’t drink the Koolaid. But unlike Lagacy yes I spelled it incorrectly on purpose CR does not have our kids traveling up and down the coast playing tournaments cause the club director can’t get refunds and that would mean they would have to refund the family’s. Well now they are all quarantined for 2 weeks cause of there last trip to MD

No one is quarantined. Fake News. Everyone is enjoying what they can of the shorter lax season. Everyone, except YJ. You get to watch on the sideline like your daughter will in college.