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It has to be the most dense comment ever - "no expectation of your daughter actually being recruited at the event". What do you base that on? All is takes is ONE play in a game that gets a coaches attention. All the girls get film of all 6 of their games (more if they go to the playoffs). The ONLY reason for the insult of the event is because your daughter didn't make it???

Nah my daughter is a 2021 and committed a while ago. Just about everyone "makes it" these days. Ever since the recruiting calendar changed and the event was moved from the winter to the summer it has been a waste of money unless your daughter is looking to play D2 or D3. The top kids don't attend anymore for a reason. Sure you can be seen by coaches, but the price is absurd for the minimum exposure your daughter is getting. While this year is different because of COVID, for that money you could send her to 2 or 3 camps at a school she's interested in this fall where the coaches are guaranteed to see her.