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We were notified by Tracy Weiner in an email after the 2nd session of Blue Chip (email sent on 7/18). Not blaming Blue Chip or the organizers. I did send my daughter both days - was aware of risk, signed waivers and not upset. In fact, she is also attending the All Access clinic this week. But, a girl did test positive. We were told in a timely manner. Not much else to be done.


Dear Blue Chip parents and Players,

We have just been informed that one of our campers on Team X has tested positive yesterday for Covid-19, ...This camper does NOT have any symptoms, or fever. We will continue to take proper precautions with any future events. Please practice social distancing to ensure you all stay safe. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out.

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Why did the girl get tested if she had no symptoms? Something doesn’t add up.
Maybe notified via contact tracing. Who knows. You are aware of the risks when you sign your kid up, and CDC guidelines were followed.
Can't wait to hear everyone screaming when this happens in schools, and then the same people who want to sue the school districts will be complaining when they close schools. Never ending cycle of crying.