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It isn’t just UA getting out of deals or not re signing. STX couldn’t resign the US lacrosse sponsorship either.

UA is a solid company getting out of bad, expensive deals that make no sense or money to long term growth of the brand.i e UCLA, lacrosse sticks , all useless football and sport camps etc. refocusing money on e-commerce and digital where everyone now shops. These were great sponsorship for the camps and kids but super expensive and lost the Return on investment.

On UA senior game they don’t care enough to announce it, but either does IL who picks the teams. There must be other important news.

Let’s just hope soon lax gets back to normal for these girls that work hard.

CSE is not helping their reputation. My daughter played UAAA Underclass 3 years. First two at Towson were good events. Last year's venue was not good. President's Cup in South Florida was terrible. Hotels more expensive and less convenient than Disney and traffic/parking was a nightmare. Would rather pay admission to Disney's much nicer facility able to handle crowds. They look greedy holding tryouts like everything is normal. I don't have a problem with teams playing locally for people who feel comfortable with that, but a tournament bringing in people from all over the country is not the right thing to do at this time.