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[quote=Anonymous][quote=Anonymous][quote=Anonymous][quote=Anonymous][quote=Anonymous][quote=Anonymous]There wasn't a single NDP player on the Highlight team last year. There were several McD. There are 3 McD girls on the team this year and they're all deserving. There are no NDP players on the team again this year. The questions should be around the numerous Heros 2022 girls on the team that seemed to have been helped by the Hero's director coaching the team.

So you are saying you watched every single girl at tryouts? Even when there was 2 games going on at the same time? While watching one game, you may have missed out on what girls where doing in the other game..... but that's right, you knew exactly what was going on.

Im not the poster, but I did watch a girls mother who was evaluating turn her back to the field she was in charge of to watch her daughter on another field. Oh,and that girl made the team.