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So what are you criticizing?
If you noticed all these return to play violations while you were there maybe you should've left. did you solely you place the safety of your kid in the hands of a camp director? don't you think that should be your priority?
I cant comment on the issue with the waiver but im not surprised they are covering their buttheades
I hope those who are sick make a full recovery and ideally the others there act accordingly and self quarantine and get tested. Getting sick is not a death sentence, its not time to panic.
BTW that event has been a waste of time for years..

Wow, totally irresponsible. She should be sued and fined!

omg lmao you are totally ridiculous...thanks "covid" police. stay home already. why were you there if you were so afraid...

These camps/clinics on LI are giving kids the opportunity to get out there and play. If you are fearful, don’t go. Just wondering, will you be keeping your kid home during flu season going forward? Because you do know the fatality rate for kids and the seasonal flu is greatly higher than that of Covid.....just pointing out the facts.