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My daughter attended the Blue Chip camp last week run by Carol Rose.
A player who attended the 2 day event was positive for COVID-19 and now other players have already reported back positive for the virus.

We received an email from Blue Chip late Saturday stating a girl from team 7 tested positive. Two days later, I went online to review my covid-19 waiver and to my surprise, a NEW DOCUMENT was loaded that was not there PRIOR to the event. BOLD AND IN RED “Self Screening document must be signed the night before” I did not submit it – did anyone else. Did anyone see this? I know for a fact this was uploaded after the event because I went online just before we head over assuming I would need to do this – Our club requires this before every practice.

US Lacrosse return to play guidelines were not followed. There was no prescreening, no hand sanitizing stations, in hindsight, the event was to large at this time– no true precautions were taken. Should we be playing when organizers are not taking steps to ensure the safety of our children. Why have they not updated their site with the very important information that someone tested positive?

we did the self screening the night before yes. we were required to do it. We received an email. there were many hand sanitizing stations. The US lax return to play were certainly followed, as how I interpreted them and read on the guidelines as we were very cautious regarding. If you were uncomfortable than perhaps you should have not sent your child. It was done well. I think you are doing some unnecessary pot stirring stay home then