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The announcement of Cal State system going online for the fall is definitely not good news for sports.

Unfortunately things are going to be delayed for at least another year with a potential attempt to normalcy in the winter. I hope I am wrong but from speaking to people who know ALOT more than me - fall sports like football and soccer are going to be cancelled. Some schools will open in the fall while others don't which will make school sports highly unlikely. The one caveat is this wont be everywhere. As we all know testing isn't there yet so large gatherings aren't going to occur and unlike professional sports where TV contracts and $$S will prevail there isn't going to be a central locale like Orlando or Arizona for high school sports. Without school there wont even be after school sports and if there is school - large gatherings like a football game with hundreds in the stands wont occur. Schools will start to open up in the winter but those in the know (again not me - just happen to talk to people who are) say without a cure there will be a relapse and we will be back where we are now. While we will be MUCH more prepared with masks and hopefully testing and a better response, the first thing to go will again be large gatherings. So while school will operate more smoothly with remote learning OR in some instances even staying open with factors in place such as temperature checks, face masks etc . . there will again be no LARGE gatherings after school Since I am on a Lacrosse blog - this means no spring lax without a cure. This also means no proms, school plays, etc . . I can only hope this relapse and continued "stay at home" procedure doesn't comeback next February/March but this seems inevitable. People will think all is good as things in the fall/early winter start to gain some normalcy but then things will revert. I will add that BOY, DO I HOPE THOSE SMARTER THAN ME ARE DEAD WRONG!!!