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[quote=Anonymous]Anyone have any insight as to what states will actually let any summer tournaments take place? Hard to see Md, Pa and NJ allowing any to happen

I honestly dont see there being any summer tourneys, except maybe UA underclass games since its the best of the best competing and would be a big help to the coaches and these 2021-24 girls. Sounds like Corrigan sports is really trying to make this happen as they moved the tourney back to August. Whether parents will be allowed to watch is an unknown. Could see it played with no fans/parents, and just select amount of coaches at each game. If you think your daughter is a top player than she should be at this tryout...2021/22 team and 2023/24. Long Island and Baltimore among other regions will get close to 200 girls trying out for this team. Although 75% of the team is already chosen lol

Except that UA is now during Lake Placid. Many coaches will be at Placid Terrible planning in my opinion
if coaches are even allowed to travel by there colleges they will go where the most talent is and that's the UA games