I don’t think anyone is upset the NCAA did the right thing at all for college players. They just didn’t complete the right thing. They should have added the 20-21-22-23 classes since they will be directly effected by this extra year for all current players. (I know the argument is the NCAA has nothing to do with HS-but they do have in future recruiting classes-these grad years will be 5 classes into a 4 year program, then it clears itself when 19/20 graduate). The showed this by recruiting rules put in place a few years ago. So don’t say they have nothing to do with HS. Let’s not kid ourselves. The schools just offered 5 year potential scholarships with no red shirt or injury red shirt being used. I completely agree that the kids/schools had no control of it, but we now live in do for one, have to do for all world.

So they absolutely did right by current college player in this mess, but the HS players are affected as well. Also,I realize that a HS has a long way to go to be even looked a by a college but those that do for next few
Recruiting years are impacted. They should be given 5 year paid scholarships as well. That is fair,just like doing the extra year for current college players.

They also should have put in it that you can’t transfer schools to be eligible for extra year as a senior. This has even more effect on incoming players. This is already the Wild West in transfer portal or kids with drawing from Ivys two days after announcement.

When decisions are made people need to look at all aspects. This didn’t happen.

What we always knew-the Athlete Student has arrived, no more Student Athlete. Actions don’t lie.