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You would lose that bet -the top publics play the IAAM varsity teams regularly and win about 50% of the time. Don't be mad that you have wasted your money on a prep school when you could have just paid for college and let the kid grow up normally.
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There is more to the investment in these IAAM schools besides lacrosse. Getting a quality education is more important to most parents I would believe. I don't know of many people who make a stellar living just from lacrosse.

And I would bet money that most JV teams in the IAAM "A" Division could beat most Varsity public school teams. Many of these schools have 3 teams in their program and still have to make substantial cuts during tryout time. They build their programs from middle school years onward. Most girls don't even make Varsity until Junior year because there are top girls in the Junior and Senior classes ahead of them. There isn't room for them until their Junior year. The competition in the IAAM is stellar for sure.

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Why NOT care?
I just want to know if we are going to see the girls we’ve played with in club over the years.
See if all of that investment is paying off!😀

What a ridiculous statement. Just because Glenelg HS and Marriotts Ridge have won some games against IAAM teams in recent years does not come close to being 50%. If 99% of public schools played an IAAM A team they would lose by 10 goals. Not to mention that when the publics play the privates the public school girls are way more into the game than the private school girls. Severna Park goes 25-1 every year but get smoked in scrimmages against IAAM teams. Century, one of the top publics, lost to Maryvale last year who is a bottom IAAM team. There is no comparison for the most part. Name me a public school that has beaten a top private in the last 5 years other than Glenelg and MR.