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My mother gave me great advice, including what you quoted.

But above all - she told me to always tell and state the truth.

And that’s all that has been done. But apparently that infuriated some of the privileged insiders here. All I did was state an observation. But that has been interpreted into diminishing accomplishments.

Do you know what’s is drivel (nonsense for the uninformed)? Name calling, assumptions, and the utter lack of combating a single comment or statement with just one counter fact.

Those that played sports at a high level can relate to this old coaching advice “Don’t believe your press clippings, the tape doesn’t lie. “. And in this case all you have to do is watch the tape. It’s not lying.

It’s unfortunate that bitterness, name calling, detest and disgust come out - when all I’m doing is following my mothers advice “Always tell the truth.”

And isn’t comical people are getting worked up over a statement of truth from a couple of anonymous posters who see thru it all.
Which gives me a piece of advice I’ll share with you. “Sometimes, the truth hurts.”

You’re mother should be ashamed of you. Just because your daughter didn’t make it is no reason to post nastiness. Just don’t. Just be a good person and let someone feel good about something. You’re a negative person who finds the bad in everything. Again, you’re mom should be embarrassed to have raised such a shallow person.