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You whiners need to get a life

The whole re-class argument has gotten so old and completely overblown it's laughable.

In a few years these same clowns will be claiming there are 20 year olds on a 9th grade team.

ANYTHING to justify the reason their kids can't make Crab's or one the other top clubs when the simple reality is that some boys don't and will never have the athleticism, size, strength, skill or work ethic to play at the highest level of the sport.

All top Clubs in Maryland and frankly now many other areas top clubs are full of holdbacks. That is a Fact ! It is not overblown at all.

While you are right in that many kids will never make it no matter what. Lacrosse has a huge amount of 5-8 to 5-11 athletic guys that compete against each other all the way up to 12th grade. Holding back makes a difference for these guys.

We arent football, BB , getting the best athletics, we are lacrosse getting the next level down with the occasionally true blue athletic stud ( who doesnt care who is held back, he is better) .