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The Club and HS coach for B'more took all of their kids and buddies kids. Some of those boys are great players and many were just along for the ride. If the Baltimore coaches really wanted to win, vice rep their club and HS school players then they could have done just that. There were lots of big, strong, fast and talented athletes at the Baltimore call back game. What they chose was based off pure nepotism and many of those players were absolutely pathetic in comparison to the talent at the call back game. That is why Baltimore got their nose rubbed in sh#t and sent packing on their home turf once again.

Could not be further from the truth. 20 coaches from various local high schools, clubs, colleges and private training organizations sat down with clip boards full of notes on player numbers and voted for players whose numbers stood out at the tryouts. Coaches recognize certain players and numbers, but many coaches do not know all the players and numbers and the consensus was the same across the board with all the numbers that stood out. Nobody had to fight to get a player on the team. Coaches who had no idea which players were which numbers, picked the same player numbers from their notes as the coaches who may have known. If a player number received enough support from all the coaches, an up and down vote was taken. In other words, every player on the roster received a majority of votes from 20 coaches, many of which only knew the player as a number. It is completely absurd to think that 18 of 20 coaches thought your kid belonged on the team and he still did not make it! Instead of spending so much time on this forum spreading false information about a process and event for which you are clueless, maybe you should be using all that skill to teach your kid how to stand out at a tryout?

Please stop with that Bs.. every single coach and evaluator had ties to each other and the players selected. This notion that every other player , parent or club or school that wasn’t represented as an evaluator don’t know what they see with their own eyes on and off the field. How in the heck did the majority of the evaluators even get picked? Spaldings coach for example has won less than 5 MIAA games in his entire career!! Yet 5 of his players make it and even more to call back game- Reese coaches RR 2022 along with Dixon and 4-5 kids make team and even more to call back. Calvert Hall evaluator must of been under serious pressure from Kelly and Head Coach from Koopers who round out the team .. Except Phipps ALL had kids who made team or call back game! Now, again for those watchjngthe same kids for years and years know exactly how that process really went down. When you take kids that are injured during the tryout to the team and hurt the entire tournament you can’t be taken serious. 50% of the team certainly deserved and are exceptional players no matter who there daddy or coach is.
Would of been great to see this process be done in a real fair evaluation. DC Head coach selects 5-6 of his kids too. Many very deserving and him being the coach makes it look shady! Just don’t say that the process was fair especially in Bmore

The process was fair, especially in Bmore.

Unfortunately every region is the same. All the UA teams are loaded with players that are affiliated with the UA coaches Clubs/High Schools or other coaches they know players.

To say that it isnt is to deny reality.

Many of this players are at top or near top, but there is obvious bias in picking the players for all the UA teams including DC and Balt. But if it makes you feel better, say it isnt bias, just dont expect anyone with any real critical thinking to believe you.

And each year it seems to get more bias as there are so many really good players to pick from that are very close in talent. There are only 3-5 above and beyond talent each year, the rest of top 30-40 players that could make the UA team have similar talent , so bias is an easy way to go with coaches and people evaluating .

It is just not a true talent tryout for majority of players.

^^know-nothing haters trying to act like they actually know^^

Truly thought provoking reasons why you disagree. LOL

Give me one counterpoint to what is written above....thought so.

If better talent were to have presented itself during tryouts, it would have made the team. As far as "equal talent" is concerned, it only happens towards the end of the selection list for certain positions. "Equal talent" assumes that none of the players demonstrated a chemistry or other intangibles while playing together on any of the tryout teams or in the call back game. Its not an "All Star" team, its a team coaches and evaluators build to win. If 2 players are equal in skill, which may come up at the very end of the selections, then coaches and evaluators look for traits that help players fit the team in order to make it stronger, not weaker. Maybe they got it wrong for a 1-2 players at the bottom of the list of 23. What is your solution? Flip a coin to avoid "bias"? If you can do better without being "bias", then sign up to evaluate next year and have at it, instead of playing lax guru after everything is said and done. Ultimately one team goes 4-1 in the end, including trading wins with the tournament Champions and you criticize everyone involved from top to bottom. The other team goes 5-1 and escapes the BS criticism? If you are splitting hairs like that to publicly criticize people's character who you dont know, then you are a hater! ...so dont think so, know it!