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Since this thread is active let me ask.... we are thinking of switching clubs this year...for many reasons. My daughter will be in HS shortly.
For example what would M&D be looking for at tryouts when they keep winning and winning anyways? Isn’t their team all set just the way it is? Are there players in every team secretly marked “disposable” vs the “keepers”

Take a look at the UA Highlight roster. Of the 23 girls, 10 play for M&D 2020 or 2021, 6 play for SW 2020 or 2021. If your daughter is good enough M&D or SW will take her. The earlier you get her there the better as those clubs do the best job developing talent. There are always girls at he bottom of the roster that are replaceable, but once you get to high school the rosters basically lock down. At tryouts they are looking for athletes with good stick skills and high lacrosse IQ. Doesn't hurt to tryout and see.