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How so? They haven't lost in years.

Psssst! It seems like they have been losing quite a bit. Years? No.

Lost last year at their own event, lost over the winter, lost in the Spring.
Seems like the Mojo is gone.

Typical 91 daddy. I can't wait to see your face after you lose in Denver next year. Then to listen to the excuses, the justifications. It will be like sweet music. If your team doesn't blow up, again, by then.

What excuses? And are you moving on to next year already? By then everything will be changed again, so let’s talk about now. What everyone but you can see is that your team is losing games and that is bad for business. So watch your back because Coach is going to be replacing all of the prodigies with bigger, older boys. You will be lucky if you and Jr make it to Denver at all.

And don’t expect jr. to play if you do get there.

Not a single person on the grade level thinks 91 is better than express. None. You keep bringing up a box tournament. 91 practices box all winter for the last 3-4 years. We don’t. We enter a tournament because it’s something to do. Last time we played you on the field you were embarrassed. Completely embarrassed. It was like playing 2026’s. Please. Give it up. We know you guys will play in a bunch of trash tournaments and avoid playing us more than once, but hey, I’m sure the t-shirts look great.

We? Us? Dude, you don’t play.
And I think the teeny tiny boys just lost to North.
And please, coach C has spent a lot of time having those boys playing weak teams to pad the stats.
That Mesa play date was a HUUUGE challenge those games have really helped the team improve!
What a joke.