Regarding 2018-93, the $ greedy college coaches want to keep the lacrosse date 9/1 because 9/1 enables coaches to run another round of money making summer camps .
If the date was 6/15 coaches would commit the "true recruits" the coaches were truly interested in on 6/15 and then the 100's of mislead non-recruits would not go to the coaches' money making camps.
The coaches had a stronger argument when they moved recruiting back 3 YEARS. But now the extra 2 MONTHS coaches want are just for the coaches to make money on 2 months of camps.
Players do not miraculously mature in those last 2 months. It is those 2 months the coaches want to make more money from camps.
The lacrosse coaches want 9/1 instead of 6/15 because of $ greed.
As usual US Lacrosse has sold out to the money and the coaches instead of putting the kids first. Let's hope the NCAA puts the kids first this time.
The NCAA needs to stand up to the coaches and make the date 6/15 like the other sports.
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2018-93 is for June 15th contact like other sports
2018-93-2 is Lax Coach Camp $ greed Sept 1